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    • Detection of silicide formation in nanoscale visualization of interface electrostatics 

      Nolting, Westly; Durcan, Chris; LaBella, Vincent P. (Applied Physics Letters, 2017)
      The ability to detect localized silicide formation at a buried metal semiconductor Schottky interface is demonstrated via nanoscale measurements of the electrostatic barrier. This is accomplished by mapping the Schottky ...
    • Nanoscale mapping of the W/Si(001) Schottky barrier 

      Durcan, Chris A.; Balsano, Robert; LaBella, Vincent P. (Journal of Applied Physics, 2014)
      The W/Si(001) Schottky barrier was spatially mapped with nanoscale resolution using ballistic electron emission microscopy (BEEM) and ballistic hole emission microscopy (BHEM) using n-type and p-type silicon substrates. ...
    • Pulsed-N2 assisted growth of 5-20 nm thick β−W films 

      Narasimham, Avyaya J.; Green, Avery; Matyi, Richard J.; Khare, Prasanna; Vo, Tuan; Diebold, Alain; LaBella, Vincent P. (AIP Advances, 2015)
      A technique to deposit 5-20 nm thick β-phase W using a 2-second periodic pulse of 1 sccm-N2 gas on Si(001) and SiN(5 nm)/Si(001) substrates is reported. Resistivity, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and X-ray reflectivity ...