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    • Floatable wastes and the region's beaches : answers to some common questions 

      Marine Sciences Research Center; Bell, Trudy M.; Schubel, J. R.; Swanson, Robert Lawrence; Berger, Harold; Beristain, Mellssa; Breslin, Vincent; Brezner, Jerry; Charnon, Sheila; Cuomo, M. Carmela; Epp, Jennifer; Fisher, Nicholas; Foley, Ronald; Greene, William; Joyce, Ellen; Kamer, Pearl; Karas, Nick; Koppelman, Lee E.; Kreutz, John; Larocca, James; Nuzzi, Robert; Schaeperkoetter, Victor; Wise, William, (W. M.); Doheny, Thomlas [sic] (Marine Sciences Research Center, Stony Brook UniversityStony Brook, NY, 1989)
      from the preface, "The summers of 1987 and 1988 have left many lingering questions in the minds of our region's citizens about the state of our waters and beaches. This booklet is an attempt to answer some of the most ...