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  • AlterPieces: MFA Thesis - Metal 

    Williams, Amy (2014-05)
    Focusing on the intertwining themes of fantasy, identity, and value, this thesis uses jewelry to explore the role of the alter ego. Participants were invited to share stories and descriptions of alternate identities arising ...
  • How film and literature influence the ways in which East Asian American identity is formed 

    Macci, Allyson (2018-05)
    This paper looks at the ways in which East Asian Americans sense of identity is formed through the representations of them and their culture in American film and literature. I will discuss through an analysis of rhetoric, ...
  • Nostalgia: MFA Thesis - Printmaking 

    Lee, Geuryung (2019-05)
    The process of my printing begins with the drawing of an image using ink and a brush on an acetate film. The act of drawing allows me to release my emotions and I experience a calmness, satisfaction and happiness. This is ...