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    • CDLC Sharing E Resources 

      Hatch, Carey (2004-11-19)
      Presentation given at the CDLC Coordinated Collection Development workshop Nov. 19, 2004.
    • Faculty Rights in the Digital Age 

      Hatch, Carey (2006-06-01)
      This presentation encourages faculty to retain certain ownership/copyright rights of articles they publish. Retaining some rights allows authors to post their works in open access repositories. The presentation relies ...
    • Giving and Getting Access to Scholarly and Instructional Materials 

      Hatch, Carey (2012-10-26)
      Presentation by Associate Provost of the State University of New York outlining the state of open educational materials within the SUNY system, as of 2012.
    • Presentation at MID Summit - Use of Images in Classroom 

      Hatch, Carey (2005-02-19)
      This is a presentation given at the Multimedia Instructional Design (MID) Summit at the Marx Hotel in Syracuse on Feb. 17, 2005. The presentation discussed the need to acquire licenced images and to create a technology ...
    • SUNYConnect Strategic Directions 

      Hatch, Carey (2004-11-08)
      Presentation given to Wizards Conference November 9, 2004.