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    • Long Island Historical Journal, Volume 03, Number 1 (Fall 1990) 

      Hargrave, Louisa Thomas; Strong, John A.; Wunderlich, Roger; Johnson, Deborah J.; Becker, Lloyd; Koppelman, Connie; Baxandall, Rosalyn; Ewen, Elizabeth; Braid, Bernice; Simon, Donald E.; Lampard, Eric E.; Miller, Wilbur R.; Welch, Richard F.; Katz, Ina; Seyfried, Vincent F.; Dunham, Peter; Rossano, Geoffrey L.; Beal, Thomas D. (Stony Brook University, Department of History, 1990)
      TABLE OF CONTENTS - EDITORIAL COMMENT - 1 / FEATURE ARTICLES: A History of Wine Grapes on Long Island by Louisa Hargrave - 3 / The Pigskin Book: Records of Native American Whalemen, 1696-1721 by John A. ...
    • Long Island Historical Journal, Volume 17, Numbers 1-2 (Fall 2004/Spring 2005) 

      Howlett, Charles F.; Gatti, Stacey Horstmann; Naylor, Natalie A.; Hargrave, Louisa Thomas; Kass, Sean; Weigand, Philip A.; Shackelford, Ruth; Kastner, Justin; Powell, Douglas; Ackelson, Jason; Crowley, Terry; Huff, Karen; Koppelman, Lee E.; Forman, Seth; Milford, T.A.; Greenspan, Walter; Jakim, Alyssa; Tashman, Brian; Strong, John A.; Siminoff, Faren R.; Wilbur, Garry A.; Taylor, Durahn; Cumberpatch, Prudence D.; MacArthur, Caroline; Cash, Floris Barnett; Sandford, Ann H.; Ruff, Joshua; Miller, Wilbur R.; Day, Lynda R.; Hunt, Harrison; Cohalan, Peter Fox (Stony Brook University, The Center for Regional Policy Studies and Department of History, 2005)
      TABLE OF CONTENTS - FEATURE ARTICLES: Long Island’s 106th Rescue Wing: The History of America’s Oldest National Guard Unit by Charles F. Howlett - 1 / Thinking Globally, Acting Locally: The Women of the Setauket ...