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  • Facilitating post traumatic growth in survivors of disasters 

    Schrufer, Jessica L. (2018-05)
    Natural and man-made disasters can be typified by loss and destruction. There is a need for mechanisms to promote positive outcomes to such events. Means aiming towards goals of Posttraumatic Growth can lead to successful ...
  • Fire and ice: a memoir on grief and self-discovery 

    Cassone, Kelsea (2018-05)
    A collection of poems and nonfiction combined in three parts that work to understand the grief that comes with losing my father to suicide and how to overcome it. Separated in three parts, the first part works to define ...
  • Home/Sweet Home: MFA Thesis - Painting & Drawing 

    Moneymaker, Sara (2018-05)
    Home/Sweet Home explores human presence and absence by calling attention to what is not there. This series of paintings explore the profound loneliness of abandoned interior spaces. Themes revolve around how an environment ...