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    • Long Island Historical Journal, Volume 09, Number 1 (Fall 1996) 

      Dudley, Bill; Crease, Robert P.; Shepherd, Elizabeth; Sterngass, Jon; Robinson, Michael J.; Bernius, Glenn; Gorelick, Jeremy; Herbsman, Adam; Naylor, Natalie A.; Buck, Sarah A.; Wunderlich, Roger; Erk, Frank C.; Palmedo, Philip; Perry, Diane F.; Stephan, Peter (Stony Brook University, Department of History, 1996)
      TABLE OF CONTENTS - EDITORIAL COMMENT / In Memoriam: William M.P. Dunne (1934-1995) by Bill Dudley - 1 / FEATURE ARTICLES: History of Brookhaven National Laboratory, Part Six: The Lab and the Long Island ...
    • Long Island Historical Journal, Volume 10, Number 1 (Fall 1997) 

      Day, Lynda R.; Koppelman, Lee E.; Rushmore, Robert P.; Strong, John A.; Kantz, Barbara; Scarrow, Howard A.; Kroessler, Jeffrey A.; Charles, Mario; Roff, Sandra; Bowe, Whitney P.; Lindemann, Danielle; Van Hoff, Kempton B.; Johnson, Deborah J.; Kelly, Barbara M.; Hoenig, Carol; Weigold, Marilyn E.; Taff, Mark L.; Papa, Jim; Erk, Frank C.; Gordon, Edith L.; Smith, Edward; Stone, Gaynell (Stony Brook University, Department of History, 1997)
      TABLE OF CONTENTS - FEATURE ARTICLES: Friends in the Spirit: African Americans and the Challenge to Quaker Liberalism, 1776-1915 by Lynda R. Day - 1 / Environment vs. Development: Groundwater and Land Use Planning ...