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    • Integrated Early Career & Transfer Engagement-OWL for Online Adult Learners 

      Knipe, Robert; Stayer Kelly, Deborah; Peaslee, Jayne; Gentry, Colleen; Dixon, Martie; Owens, Maureen; Dugan, Larry; Littlejohn, Judie; Dunagin, Cori; VanKirk, Peggy; Keys, Terry (2012)
      Genesee Community College, in collaboration with the Online Western NY Learning Alliance (OWL) consisting of six community colleges in Western New York, seeks funds from the State University of New York to develop and ...
    • SUNY Co-laboratory on Immersive Virtual Environments for STEM Learning 

      Shea, Peter; Zhang, Jianwei; Oliveira, Alan; Goodwin, Dan; Vuille, Mathias; Goodall, Jennifer; Johnson, Roberta; Ramamurthy, Bina; Bever, Edward; McElwaine, Jim; Dugan, Larry; Hayes, Suzanne; Pickett, Alexandra; Scalzo, Kim (2012)
      Among the most critical academic disciplines for success in a 21st century workforce are those involving Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). These fields are increasingly digital, networked and rapidly evolving. ...
    • SUNY Games II 

      Shea, Peter; Oliveira, Alandeon W.; Vickers, Jason; Goodwin, Daniel; Goodall, Jennifer; Berg, George; McElwaine, James; Zhang, Jianwei; Johnson, Roberta; Bever, Edward; Dugan, Larry; Ramamurthy, Bina; Gal, Diane G.; O’Connor, Eileen; Saulnier, Tobi; Westendorf, Aaron; Van Knowe, Glenn; Zhou, Anna (2013)
      “Videogames are a powerful medium that curriculum designers can use to create narratively rich worlds for achieving educational goals. In these worlds, youth can become scientists, doctors, writers, and mathematicians who ...