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    • Asiaticoside : MFA Thesis - Painting and Drawing 

      An, Junmo (2014-05)
      I am wandering around the things that intrigue me, the beginning of maturation, the remains of life—such as ashes and bones, the objects that link our lives with our deaths. I walk on, like a column of ants. I feel something ...
    • BFA Thesis Project - Two Drawings on Paper 

      Alfredson, Kathryne (2010-09-07)
      Two pen and ink drawings completed for the BFA Thesis Project. #1 Manifold is human strife (4 panels); #2 Serpentine Ascension (6 panels)
    • Go Ahead 

      French, Loren (1988)
      American, b. 1955
    • Shui 

      Ma, Jingdi (2019-05)
      Shui is the Pinyin form of the Chinese word for water. This thesis centers itself around the complexities of how water is connotative to the emotional state of human nature. In the forms of a fifteen minute compilation ...
    • That Which Is There: MFA Thesis - Drawing and Painting 

      Privitera, Olivia (2016-05)
      Light exposes the contradiction between materiality and invisibility. I explore the impression of nuanced spaces and notions of illusion to suspend optical perceptions of spatial temporality. Using light to alter visual ...