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  • The Factory Times, Spring 2016 

    Baptiste, Anthony; Wang, Nancy; Deeley, David; Waldeck, Sara; Gawel, Krzysztof (The Factory Times staff, 2016-04-01)
    The Factory Times is published monthly and funded through advertising revenue and a portion of the mandatory student activities fee. It is written, designed, and published by the students of SUNY Polytechnic. The ...
  • The Factory Times, Spring 2016 

    Coletta, Daniel; Public Relations; Lizardi, Ryan; Advisor; Wang, Nancy; Lead Designer; Kluball, Josh; Chief Editor; Musto, Garrett; Designer; Rice, Matthew; Designer; Ross, William; Designer; Paw, Ashley Joy; Writer; Simonelli, Elizabeth; Writer; Capalbo, Joseph; Writer; Frazier, Keith; Writer; Gloff, Ryan; Contributing Designer; Deeley, David; Publication Director (2016-04)
  • Trumponomics in post-industrial America: understanding the causes of deindustrialization and its role in the emergence of right-wing populist economics 

    Greenman, David A. (2018-05)
    Since 2001, the American economy has swiftly shed over six million manufacturing jobs. To this day, large swaths of the American rural working class are left struggling to compete with domestic and external forces that ...