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  • Neuroplasticity: the impact of age and injury 

    Celentano, Alexis M. (2017-12)
    Background: Neuroplasticity is an ongoing process of the brain that allows for learning, changing, and adapting to every day changes as well as to trauma. As we age, the rate of neuroplasticity (that combats the ramifications ...
  • The origins of spoken language 

    Terwilliger, Megan (2018-05)
    Research regarding the origins of spoken language is extremely broad and considers many different topics in academia. These topics include: biology and anthropology, as well as anatomy, non-linguistic neurological foundations, ...
  • Portrayal of deafness and deaf culture in children's books and juvenile fiction 

    Heavey, Allison (2018-05)
    Throughout the course of history, numerous perspectives on deafness and Deaf Culture have been accepted by larger society. Deafness can be defined in a two dimensional way: as a physical condition, categorized by a profound ...