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    • Expression of Anoctamin 1 in adult zebrafish 

      Brady, Clayton (2015-04-10)
      Anoctamin 1 (Ano1) codes for a calcium activated chloride channel that has recently been identified as a marker for gastrointestinal stromal tumors, as well as been shown to be selectively expressed by interstitial cells ...
    • Expression of the inhibitory receptor subunit GABAA ?2 in neurons and glia of zebrafish embryos 

      Vazquez, Jose L.; Andera, Katelynn M.; Bryant, MacKenzie M.; Fuerch, Derek J.; Kelly, Brianna D.; Marte, Victoria C.; Miller, Ilsa S.; Murray, Kayla M.; Ryan, Caitlin M.; Turkewitz, Daniel R.; Washington, Kayla M. (2015-04-10)
      The inhibitory GABA_A receptors regulate most regions of the nervous system. Identification of the cell types and tissues that express different GABA_A receptor subunits could greatly benefit research into a variety of ...
    • Validation of splice altering morpholino knockdown of anoctamin 1 

      Denora, Maxwell (2015-04-10)
      Morpholino oligonucleotides (MO) are commonly used to reduce gene expression. MO selectivity is determined by selection of a unique oligonucleotide sequence in the target of interest Suitable targets for splice altering ...