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    • "Lab-in-a-Cube" Hands-On Lab Learning with an Automatic Feedback 

      Chan, M. Ete; Lin, Wei; McKenna, Richard (2016)
      Despite of the increasing demand of online education, online STEM's education is still limited by the lack of realistic lab experience. Visually, virtual lab has become more and more realistic nowadays; however, many crucial ...
    • NautiCode: Coding for Kids 

      Zeo, Brittany; Mullick, Rosemary; Adviser; Sarner, Ronald; Reviewer; Urban, Christopher; Reviewer (2016-05-08)
      Throughout my college career, I have asked students what made them decide to major in Computer Science. The answers I received very seldom revealed previous coding experience. Unfortunately, this is the system: you don’t ...
    • Teaching of SQL Through a Game 

      Ward, Patrick T. (2015-05-01)
      The project seeks to provide an effective alternate method for teaching SQL through the use of a Game. There is value in learning SQL, as SQL skills are still in the top ten list of sought after IT skills for 2015 (Greenspan, ...