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    • 50 Years of Dance @ Brockport 

      Deleon, Issac (2019-01-01)
      A video documenting 50 years of dance at the College at Brockport. Some live footage and a number of posters, flyers and other historical images.
    • BFA in Dance Required Course Substitution 

      Undergraduate Curriculum and Policies (2007-10-29)
      Substitute a required third semester of composition (DNS 431 Advanced Composition) in place of the current requirement of DNS 427 Dance Performance Techniques for BFA candidates. Course would also be an elective option for ...
    • Choreographic Exploration of Misappropriation in Hip Hop Dance 

      Gerst, Emily K.; London, Chloe; Woodcock, Nicole; Grigonis, Nicole; Martelli, Mia; Froats, Melissa; DeCarvalho, Dutch; Diaz, Nathaniel (2015-04-10)
      To examine the properties that comprise hip-hop dance, a choreographic work will be shown that aims to intentionally misappropriate traditional hip hop vocabulary and philosophies. Drawing from post-modern ideologies such ...
    • Choreographing Race: An Analysis of Black Performance and White Audience 

      Thompson, Katrina Dyonne (The Graduate School, Stony Brook University: Stony Brook, NY., 2007-12-01)
    • Dance Department Scapbook 1981 - 1982 

      Unknown author (1982-01-01)
    • Dance Department Undergraduate Curriculum Changes 

      Undergraduate Curriculum and Policies (2010-04-19)
      Addition of two new courses, each replacing a previous}_ req1 ·red course ii-1 both the BA/ BS and BFA degree requirements_
    • Department of Dance major revision 

      Undergraduate Curriculum and Policies (1971-02-15)
      Resolved, that the Faculty Senate endorse the Department of Dance major revision changing the minimum number of required hours from 30 to 36 credit hours. This is to allow the Department of Dance to bring their major in ...
    • Elect 

      Buttram, Allyson L. (2015-04-10)
      Digital poetry choreography involves mending two visions and interpretations into one. This piece is inspired by Johannes Helden’s digital poem, which is utilized as the backdrop of Allyson’s choreography. Her choreography ...
    • Garth Fagan, interviewed by Jane Oakes 

      Tynan, Jacob; Leslie, Bruce; Oaks, Jane (2000-08-01)
      Garth Fagan was born in Jamaica in 1940, and began performing in the Jamaican National Dance Company while in high school. In 1960, he came to the U.S., where he earned an undergraduate degree in psychology at Detroit’s ...
    • Ian Henderson, interviewed by Jane Oaks 

      Tynan, Jacob; Oaks, Jane (2000-07-12)
      Dr. Henderson was a member of the faculty from 1948-1954 and 1965-1980. He began in the Music Department in the State Teachers College and became a part-time music teacher at the Campus School in 1948. He left in 1954 to ...
    • Kenya: Kikuyu Tribe 

      Unknown author (1922-01-01)
      Kenya. Village of Thatched Houses; Gathered for a Dance. Kikuyu Tribe. (1922)
    • Letters of Heroines 

      Lazatin, Justine C.; Beckman, Teresa; Hartnet, Danielle; Kindler, Molly; Roberts, Megan; Schlossel, Morgan; Willmarth, Alyssa (2015-04-10)
      There are moments in life when making progress feels arduous, goals seem unattainable, and attempts at resolution prove only to create more conflict. This contemporary jazz piece explores the physical and emotional ...
    • M.A. in Dance 

      Graduate Curriculum and Policies (1970-03-23)
      Comprehensive proposal detailing the requirements for an academic major in Dance leading to the degree of Master of Arts.
    • MA in Dance 

      Graduate Curriculum and Policies (2001-10-29)
    • Moments Materialized: MFA Thesis-Ceramics 

      Morton, Rebecca (2017-05)
      Through movement, I am aware that my mind quickens my body and my body invigorates my mind. Movement, for me, is a response to a particular place in time similar to an improvisational dance. I’m interested in large amounts ...
    • Proposal for M.A. in Dance 

      Graduate Curriculum and Policies (1980-04-29)
      There are only seven broadly conceived master's degree programs in dance in the country, and none are in the SUNY system. The proposed M.A. in Dance is a terminal degree which speaks to the needs of artist-teachers, ...
    • Proposed changes in the M.A. in Dance 

      Graduate Curriculum and Policies (1983-03-28)
    • Radiating Absence 

      Dodd, Sarah (2015-04-10)
      When approaching the choreographic process, I was drawn to the structure and relationships found in a short play entitled Nothing To Fear But…by Jordan Diggory. I first saw the play performed by five actresses as part of ...
    • Rose Strasser's Legacy 

      Yarington, Earl (2000-01-01)