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    • Great Lake Review Spring 1996 

      Daniel Caskey, Rosemarie Pupparo; Debra L. Ortiz, John Mackonkey; Michael Angel Mendoza, Carol Wade; Julie Arliss, Cara M Marshall; Deborah Crabtree, Gloria McAndrews; Edward D Holden, Brian Gill; Lisa Aliperti, Laurie Ann Mastromarino; Julie Strongson, Alison Burke; Jules Dyson, Cristine Ferris-King; Lucy Hurst, Natalie Avallone; Jill Chmelko, Julie Dyson; Craig Kindya, Claudia Atticot; Joel B. Boyce (2010-11-26)
      Great Lake Review is SUNY Oswego's student-edited literary and art magazine. Great Lake Review is published, in general, every semester, and contains primarily student art work, poetry, fiction, and other literary works.