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  • Feature: International Education Week 

    Watts, Adrienne; Backus, Cassidy; Veitch, Flora (2014)
    For their final project, Adrienne, Cassidy and Flora reported on International Week at SUNY Plattsburgh, covering a variety of events and conducting interviews.
  • Feature: Lumber Jills 

    Brasil, Marcela; Burek, Chris; Danehey, Maura (2013)
    Marcela, Chris and Maura created a feature about the Lumber Jills, Plattsburgh's roller derby team.
  • Feature: Music Without Instruments: Minor Adjustments 

    St. Pierre, Adam; Truong, Wendy; Barnofsky, Eve (2015)
    In their feature project, St. Pierre, Truong and Barnofsky told the story of Minor Adjustments, a SUNY Plattsburgh a cappella group, and the singing competition they sponsored.
  • Feature: Once Upon a Book 

    Temple, Adonys; Thorsey, Kayla; Trafton, Kayla (2016)
    Temple, Thorsey and Traften used their feature project to introduce the viewer to a new downtown bookstore, Once Upon a Book.
  • Feature: Plattsburgh Brewing Company 

    Cruz, Sadie; Kelly, Taeko (2014)
    Sadie and Taeko's final project promotes Plattsburgh Brewing company with interviews in the local business.
  • Feature: Qigong 

    Blow, Stanley; Alexander, Ruthann (2012)
    Stanley and Ruthann used their feature project to learn about Qi-Gong, the martial art/dance exercise.
  • Feature: Sea Lamprey 

    Lorenzo, Damian; Weber, Nicole (2011)
    In their feature Damian and Nicole examined Lake Champlain sea lamprey problem.
  • Feature: Tattoos 

    Dufresne, Lara; Wood, Garrett (2012)
    Lara and Garrett examined the art and practice of tattoos.
  • Feature: TBI Center 

    Green, John; Hamilton, Matt; Hart, Chris (2012)
    In their feature John, Matt and Chris profiled the Traumatic Brain Injury Center at SUNY Plattsburgh.
  • Feature: Ted K Center 

    Mastronardo, John; Novick, Zach (2014)
    John and Zach featured the Ted K Center at the Plattsburgh Housing Authority in their final project.
  • Feature: The Threads of Time 

    Gregoire, Emily; Johnston, Amanda (2015)
    In their feature project, Emily Gregoire and Amanda Johnston visited Rescued Treasures, a thrift shop that supports a local animal shelter.
  • Feature: The Uke-a-Dooks 

    Elsbree, Jacob; Espejo, Kyle (2016)
    Elsbree and Espejo used their feature project to take a look at the Uke-a-Dooks, the SUNY Plattsburgh student ukulele club.
  • Feature: When in Doubt, Dance it Out 

    Griffin, Antonea; Tapio, Jacob (2015)
    In their feature project, Antonea Griffin and Jacob Tapio look at the SUNY Plattsburgh Dance Corps, a popular campus club.
  • Features in expository texts. 

    Williams, Azjah M. (2014)
    Although the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for expository texts call for Kindergarten to grade 12 students to know and use various text features of expository texts, beyond the few given examples listed in the Standards, ...
  • February 12th Senate Meeting minutes 

    Stony Brook University: Graduate Student Organization. (Stony Brook University: Graduate Student Organization., 2004-02-12)
  • February 14, 2006 Senate Meeting Minutes 

    Stony Brook University: Graduate Student Organization. (Stony Brook University: Graduate Student Organization., 2006-02-14)
  • February 8 th 2005 GSO senate meeting minutes 

    Stony Brook University: Graduate Student Organization. (Stony Brook University: Graduate Student Organization., 2005-02-08)
  • February is American Heart Month 

    Medical Center Staff (Stony Brook Medicine, Stony Brook UniversityStony Brook, NY., 2011)
  • Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan Information 

    Special Collections and University Archives, Stony Brook University Libraries.; Torre, F. Jason; Nyitray, Kristen J.; Preservation Department, Stony Brook University Libraries. (Office of the Dean of Students, Stony Brook UniversityStony Brook, NY, 2012)
  • Federal Mandates for Open Access 

    Unknown author (2010-10-01)