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    • Robert College 

      Unknown author (1926-01-01)
      Turkey. Rumeli Hissar. Robert College: Gymnasium, Washburn, Theodorus, Hamlin, Albert Long and Anderson Halls; the Bosporus and Hills of Asia. (January 1926)
    • Robert E. Boozer, interviewed by Bruce Leslie 

      Tynan, Jacob; Leslie, Bruce (2019-04-06)
      Robert E. Boozer graduated from Slippery Rock Universirty in 1936 with a Bachelor's in Health and Physical Education, and completed his Master's program at Springfield University in 1947. He served as a teacher, coach, and ...
    • The Robert F. Ench Teaching Gardens Database Document 

      Famulari, Stevie (Farmingdale State College, School of Business, Urban Horticulture & Design Department, 2020)
    • Robert F. Furchgott 1998 Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine or Physiology 

      Zubrovich, John, Photographer (2011-03-07)
    • Robert F. Furchgott Portrait 

      Bekier, Manny; Medical Illustrator, Charcoal Drawing (2011-03-08)
    • Robert Hammond 

      State University College at Cortland (2011-05-10)
    • Robert Hayden: 03-03-1975 

      Hayden, Robert; Poulin, Al (1975-03-03)
      Hayden talks about being a poor teenager in Detroit trying to write poems like Cullen and Hughes and about his later shift away from specifically African American themes. He sees a parallel between his life and Yeats's ...
    • Robert Rhoades 

      State University College at Cortland (2011-04-01)
    • Robert Rhoades 

      State University College at Cortland (2011-05-10)
    • Robin 

      Bailey, Guy (1910-01-01)
      Robin. Adult in the Snow during a Rain. Photographed by Guy Bailey. Geneseo, New York. (1910)
    • Robin Morgan: 10-03-1980 

      Morgan, Robin; Parshall, Rodney L.; Higashi, Sumiko; Robertson, Mary Elsie (1980-10-03)
      In an interview recorded October 4, 1980, Robin Morgan describes how revolutionary/radical feminism can transform the world. Morgan’s book Sisterhood is Powerful is referenced throughout the interview.
    • Robot-Assisted 3D Mapping of Unknown Cluttered Environments 

      Zhang, Zhe (The Graduate School, Stony Brook University: Stony Brook, NY., 2007-12-01)
    • Robust Object Detection and Localization for Real-Time Autonomous Surveillance Applications 

      Park, Kyoung-Su (The Graduate School, Stony Brook University: Stony Brook, NY., 2008-05-01)
    • Robust Self-Optimization of Handover in Wireless Systems 

      Kim, Gunyeob (The Graduate School, Stony Brook University: Stony Brook, NY., 1-May-10)
      This thesis presents a cellular radio network design and operating guideline based on LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) technology to improve the cell edge user performance. Coordinated Multi-Point (CoMP) transmission / reception is ...
    • Rochester Americans Marketing and Promotions 

      Allen, Brianna E. (2014-04-26)
      This presentation is an analysis of the Rochester Americans' current marketing plan as well as this hockey team's plan designed for the future. This project uses a SWOT analysis as well as primary and secondary market ...
    • Rochester Campus- Ad Hoc Committee Report 

      Executive Committee (1971-05-17)
      The attached report of the Ad Hoc Committee to Consider the Faculty's Role, Rights and Privileges in Matters Relating to the Rochester Campus (on Prince Street) was presented and accepted.
    • Rochester Reform Trail Source Inventory 

      Roe, Garrett W. (2014-01-01)
      The source inventory is a great document to aid in research pertaining to the many reform efforts in early 19th century Western New York. Since the time of creation, some of the digital links may no longer work due to ...
    • Rock Court and Altar 

      Unknown author (1902-01-01)
      Syria. Petra. Citadel High Place, rock court and altar, the wall of the western gorge (background), exit gorge of Wady Musa (right), view west. (1902)
    • Rock of Cashel: House of Vicars Choral 

      Unknown author (1935-08-01)
      Irish Free State. Rock of Cashel: House of Vicars Choral, Cormac's Chapel, Cathedral and Round Tower; Cottages by the Roadside. Near Tipperary. (August 1935)
    • Rock paper scissors: MFA Thesis - Painting & Drawing  

      Strauss, Sharon (2019-05)
      For me, making art is a ritualistic process bound up in observations of the material world. It speaks to my desire to interpret the world around me. How can spaces we consider "ordinary" allow an opportunity for transcendence? ...