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    • Clarendon's Settlement, a Fortunate Stroke of Serendipity 

      Ballard, Matthew R. (County of Orleans, 2018-01-20)
      The story of Clarendon's foundation occurred by happenchance after the unfortunate escape of Isaac Farwell's horse around 1810. Eldredge Farwell followed the animal's trail along the bank of Sandy Creek, eventually stumbling ...
    • Communal Company Promoted Early Settlement in Carlton 

      Ballard, Matthew R. (County of Orleans, 2018-07-28)
      On September 10, 1810, eight men from Stockbridge, Massachusetts signed a contract binding one another to a settlement on the Holland Land Purchase in Western New York. These men were unsure of what they would encounter ...
    • Coopers Played Essential Role in Local Agriculture 

      Ballard, Matthew R. (County of Orleans, 2018-05-19)
      The earliest settlers of Orleans County established themselves financially through the manufacture and sale of barrel staves. These materials were shipped to Canada and other parts in exchange for needed tools and resources. ...
    • Demisemiseptcentennial: Mt. Albion’s 175th Anniversary 

      Ballard, Matthew R. (County of Orleans, 2018-07-21)
      Celebrating 175 years, village officials established Mt. Albion Cemetery to meet the demands of a growing canal town. Several thousand people gathered on the cemetery's original 25 acres on September 7, 1843, to hear Daniel ...
    • Denio Became University of Rochester's First Female Faculty Member 

      Ballard, Matthew R. (County of Orleans, 2018-03-03)
      The daughter of John and Celinda Weatherwax Denio, Elizabeth Harriet Denio was born on the family's farm outside of Albion in 1842. She attended the famed Phipps Union Seminary and eventually studied art history at Leipzig, ...
    • Department of History Holds Collection of 1893 World's Fair Tickets 

      Ballard, Matthew R. (County of Orleans, 2017-09-30)
      The collections within the Department of History contain newspaper clippings, genealogies, published histories, and photographs, but a number of interesting artifacts and ephemera items serve as a window into Orleans ...
    • During Great Depression, Kids Didn't Have Lengthy Wish List for Santa 

      Ballard, Matthew R. (County of Orleans, 2017-12-23)
      During the month of December, the Orleans Republican published short notes addressed to Kris Kringle during the Great Depression. These letters reflect a gentle consciousness of the hardships associated with the time.
    • Early Calls for Abolitionist Lectures Fell on Deaf Ears in Orleans County 

      Ballard, Matthew R. (County of Orleans, 2018-01-27)
      Frederick Douglass frequently passed through Orleans County, offering lectures on the abolitionist cause in places such as Medina and Albion; his notoriety attracted large crowds from across the county. When other ...
    • Free Methodist Denomination Started in Albion 

      Ballard, Matthew R. (County of Orleans, 2018-01-13)
      The history of the Albion Free Methodist Church dates back to the tenure of Rev. Benjamin Titus Roberts, who arrived at Albion in 1855. The United Methodist congregation was the second-largest in the Genesee Conference ...
    • From Humble Beginnings, Proctor Became Respected Businessman and Politician 

      Ballard, Matthew R. (County of Orleans, 2017-10-07)
      The son of Gershom and Emily Holland Proctor, John Newton Proctor entered the employment of William Gere after attending the Gaines Academy. Marrying Frances Orcelia Gere, the daughter of his business associate, Proctor ...
    • "From Serfdom to Culture" 

      Ballard, Matthew R. (County of Orleans, 2018-03-24)
      A young, blind Chinese girl named Jessie Gutzlaff arrived at New York City in 1842 with Mrs. Mary Gutzlaff, wife of famed missionary Karl Gutzlaff. After a short stay at the Institution for the Blind at Columbus, Ohio, ...
    • Furniture Stores Served Multiple Roles a Century Ago 

      Ballard, Matthew R. (County of Orleans, 2017-01-28)
      Early furniture dealers doubled as undertakers who assisted families in preparing the home for wakes. Marhlon Stevens of Kendall operated one of these businesses before partnering with McNall & McNall Funeral Home.
    • Gallagher Operated Pioneer Trucking Company in Medina 

      Ballard, Matthew R. (County of Orleans, 2017-08-23)
      Purchased in 1906 from George Hall, William Gallagher started his moving business out of this building on North Main Street in Medina. Gallagher was also responsible for constructing segments of Route 18 and Route 5 in ...
    • Gandy Dancers Provided Maintenance Services to Local Railroads 

      Ballard, Matthew R. (County of Orleans, 2018-08-18)
      The Lake Ontario Shore Railroad was chartered in 1858, and like all great projects, was delayed for nearly ten years until the Lake Ontario Shore Railroad Company was formed on March 27, 1868. It would take another three ...
    • Grain Barge Rammed Bates Road Guard Gate in 1925 

      Ballard, Matthew R. (County of Orleans, 2017-07-08)
      Orleans County hosts three guard gates to assist in isolating sections of the prism in case of accidents, breaks, and high water levels. In August of 1925, six barges from the "Green Fleet" struck the center pylon of the ...
    • Holley Native Became Johnson & Johnson Matriarch 

      Ballard, Matthew R. (County of Orleans, 2018-04-07)
      On June 27, 1892, in the foothills of the Great Smokey Mountains, Robert Wood Johnson and Evangeline Brewster Armstrong were wed outside Maryville, Tennessee. The daughter of Holley physician Dr. Edwin R. Armstrong, ...
    • Holley Woman Survived Titanic Disaster, 106 Years Ago 

      Ballard, Matthew R. (County of Orleans, 2018-04-14)
      On April 14, 1912, the unsinkable RMS Titanic struck an iceberg off the coast of Newfoundland, descending to the bottom of the Atlantic. Of the hundreds of people who lost their lives, several were bound for Orleans County ...
    • Home of "Mover & Shaker" Replaced by Post Office 

      Ballard, Matthew R. (County of Orleans, 2017-06-03)
      This beautiful Greek Revival residence was constructed for Alexis Ward in 1841 at the corner of Main and State streets. Ward was a strong supporter of local education efforts, assisting with the establishment of the Albion ...
    • “Hope” Showcases Artistry of Local Monument Dealers 

      Ballard, Matthew R. (County of Orleans, 2018-08-25)
      This particular memorial, standing upon lot 879 and paid for by Elizur Kirke Hart, is perhaps one of the most stunning and ostentatious monuments in the entire cemetery. Designed by Charles Diem of Albion in 1879, the large ...
    • House of Refuge Was Center of Social Reform for Delinquent Women 

      Ballard, Matthew R. (County of Orleans, 2017-11-25)
      Established in the 1890s, the Western House of Refuge at Albion was intended to rehabilitate young women who failed to adhere to gender norms. Upon hiring Mrs. Flora Daniels of Buffalo in 1915, the new matron's progressive ...