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    Motion/Clarification: Secretary position needs to be elected for a two-year term so it is staggered with chair. Current position is filling out Zora Thomova’s term. Unanimous. 3/26/15 [1]
    Motion: Dr. Heyboer - We request that the Provost’s office develop a policy handbook including all Faculty Assembly and committee policies that have been passed. 9/25/14 [1]
    Motion: Academic Freedom (Personnel) 9/25/14 [1]
    Motion: Academic Minor policy – - Motion passed with a clear majority [Attachment 1] 1/29/15 [1]
    Motion: Banner regarding listing of textbook resources - deferred 1/29/15 [1]
    Motion: Proposed change to Academic Minor policy (Academic Affairs) Attachment 3 9/25/14 [1]
    Motion: The Committee recommends adopting the second model and awarding credit on a per-course basis 3/26/15 [1]
    Motion: “ The Utica location of SUNY Polytechnic Institute should be referred to as the Colleges of the Institute of Technology, SUNY Polytechnic Institute 3/26/15 [1]
    Motion: include the SUNY Polytechnic Institute Technology Committee to have an active role in the process of evaluation, drawing up specifications, change in email domain and the choice of the university email system 10/23/14 [1]
    Motion: Changeover to take place between semesters and optimally in the email system to take place specifically after the spring of 2016. Unclear where SUNYIT email will go. 3/26/15 [1]
    Motion: Current policies and practices at SUNYIT (or: the Utica/Rome site of SUNY Poly) will remain in place unless and until such a time that faculty at both of SUNY Poly's sites consent to specific changes with respect to governance. 9/25/14 [1]
    Motion: establish an ad hoc to discuss procedural oversight of the general education curriculum 12/9/10 [1]
    Motion: FA asks the Executive committee to review the draft of the Faculty handbook and return to the FA assembly with recommendation either to approve/endorse, not approve/endorse or not to address the issue at all. 4/11/13 [1]
    Motion: move that we ask the planning and budgeting committee to review the campus plan while ensuring departmental input– motion approved with a clear majority with two abstentions 10/23/14 [1]
    Motion: That Distance Learning Committee be directly involved in the search for an online learning director. Clear majority with no one voting in opposition. 10/23/14 [1]
    Motion: The faculty assembly reaffirms their endorsement of SUNYIT’s existing general education plan 12/9/10 [1]
    Motion:“Policy Statement Regarding Authority over Prerequisites and Other Course Restrictions (See Attachment #1) 3/26/15 [1]
    Motions approved: co-­âd-hoc chair of Governance Council and Faculty Senator or alternate (when Senator is from Albany) attend and report to Executive Council; Utica members of the governance working group shall form an ad-­hoc committee to review whether anything needs to be added to the FA’s bylaws in light of the recently ratified SUNY Poly Governance Council bylaws; Faculty Assembly asks the Provost to work with the SUNY Poly Governance Councilas soon as it begins to function to develop current, correct Faculty Handbook; provide electronic access to the current Faculty Handbook through his Web page and the Faculty & Staff Web page 9/24/15 [1]
    Motions approved: Addition to the Transfer Credit Policy; clarification regarding “Permission of the Instructor;” classroom observation guidelines should be an appendix to the Guidelines for Development of Faculty Portfolio, Russell Kahn elected secretary. 4/30/15 [1]
    motivated debilitating disease [1]