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    Mothers -- Songs and music [3]
    Mothers -- Songs and music. [1]
    Mothers and daughters in literature [1]
    Mothers Education (Higher) United States [1]
    Mothers in literature [1]
    motility phenotype [1]
    Motion from the Executive Committee: The Faculty Assembly at the Utica campus of SUNY Poly reaffirms that management, oversight, curricular development, and hiring decisions must be overseen by faculty in their respective disciplines. Motion was approved: 45 yes, 0 no, 1 abstention 11/20/14 [1]
    Motion on Foreign Language waiver passed with a clear majority 9/25/14 [1]
    Motion Proposed Procedure for Initiation of Undergraduate Programs (Attachment 5) 2/26/15 [1]
    Motion about graduation honors. In May 2012 we have change the graduation honors requirements. 10/14/2012 [1]
    Motion approved: The Utica members of the governance working group shall form an ad-hoc committee to review whether anything needs to be added to the FA’s bylaws in light of the recently ratified SUNY Poly Governance Council bylaws. The ad-hoc committee shall report to the Executive Committee and Faculty Assembly at their respective October meetings 9/24/15 [1]
    Motion approved: classroom observations 2/26/15 [1]
    Motion approved: Policy for Emeritus Faculty 2/26/15 [1]
    Motion approved: procedure for Initiation of Undergraduate Programs 2/26/15 [1]
    Motion Approved: Requirements for evaluations of faculty who are not in a tenure track 2/26/15 [1]
    Motion by Steve Schneider: The second seat will be also chosen by the Executive committee, Linda Weber seconded. Motion passes (22 for, 7 opposed) 9/12/13 [1]
    motion design [1]
    motion design library [1]
    Motion for search for an online learning director– will be reintroduced. 10/23/14 [1]
    Motion from AA and Curriculum committee: Proposing that SUNYIT will adopt the current SUNY general education requirements: 30 credits and 7 out of 10 areas (so-called Part 1 of SUNY General Education Requirements). 10/14/2012 [1]