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    Motion:“Policy Statement Regarding Authority over Prerequisites and Other Course Restrictions (See Attachment #1) 3/26/15 [1]
    Motions approved: co-­âd-hoc chair of Governance Council and Faculty Senator or alternate (when Senator is from Albany) attend and report to Executive Council; Utica members of the governance working group shall form an ad-­hoc committee to review whether anything needs to be added to the FA’s bylaws in light of the recently ratified SUNY Poly Governance Council bylaws; Faculty Assembly asks the Provost to work with the SUNY Poly Governance Councilas soon as it begins to function to develop current, correct Faculty Handbook; provide electronic access to the current Faculty Handbook through his Web page and the Faculty & Staff Web page 9/24/15 [1]
    Motions approved: Addition to the Transfer Credit Policy; clarification regarding “Permission of the Instructor;” classroom observation guidelines should be an appendix to the Guidelines for Development of Faculty Portfolio, Russell Kahn elected secretary. 4/30/15 [1]
    motivated debilitating disease [1]
    Motivated reasoning [1]
    Motivation [3]
    motivation [2]
    Motivation (Psychology) [1]
    Motivation (Psychology) in children. [1]
    Motivation Assessment Scale. [1]
    Motivation in adult education. [1]
    Motivation in education [1]
    Motivation in education -- United States. [1]
    Motivation in education. [11]
    Motivation Theory [1]
    Motivational interviewing [1]
    motivational interviewing [1]
    Motoneurons [1]
    Motor ability [2]
    Motor neurons [1]